Drugs, anyone? The alternative community of Christiania, Denmark

Freetown Christiania is an alternative community in Copenhagen. It started in the 1970s  by homeless people squatting in the derelict buildings. They then started a self-governing hippy / anarchist community which is still thriving today.

The main central zone is shops, mostly selling drug paraphernalia, cafes, and an art-gallery. The main street is called Pusher Street, for a reason – it is lined with men selling marijuana and the air was thick with weed. Continue reading


Food in Copenhagen

To be truthful, the danish pastries were the main reason I went to Denmark. I had heard that they were like heaven so I was practically salivating when I arrived in Copenhagen.

We tried several foods in Denmark, including international options (the biggest and one of the best burger I have ever had and a lovely pizza) but the Danish foods we enjoyed were essentially three types:-

Danish Pastries

My favourite food was a Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Snegle. Continue reading

Joining the Cycling Revolution in Copenhagen

I never thought I’d get to Denmark, but thanks to my husband’s enthusiasm we made it there one cold and rainy day. My favourite thing was Nyhavn, a picturesque harbour.

Copenhagen is known for being the worlds most cycleable city, with defined bike lanes, thousands of bikes, and flat ground. So we hired bikes and set off. Normally when i cycle it is just me, a solitary cyclist cycling around my hometown. So it was thrilling to be part of a bike – caravan; at the traffic lights there would be a queue of about 20 of us waiting for the light to change! Continue reading