48 Hours in Geneva

Geneva was a surprise trip, as I went for work. I spent most of the time in meetings but I made the most of the free time I had to sight-see.

I was delighted to see the famous Jet D’Eau (Jet of Water) as this wasn’t turned on the last time I went. We only had an hour spare, so me and a colleague hopped on a bus and went into the centre to see this famous fountain. After a lovely 10 minutes standing in the sun admiring it, we had to leave again – but it was totally worth it! Continue reading


Geneva : make sure you get your freebies!

The centre of Geneva is fairly small compared to other European cities, with lots of well-heeled people in very nice coats and expensive shoes. We felt under-dressed! This was emphasised by our trip to McDonalds – there was some litter left by our table.. any guesses as to what it was? You might guess a chocolate wrapper, drinks can, cigarette packet… all normal types of rubbish you might find discarded in a McDonalds. No, in the Geneva McDonalds, there was a Versace shoe box. That says it all really! 😉

Geneva centreWe wandered around the shopping street, which was nice, with tall grand buildings and the standard array of shops – H&M, C&A, Claire’s Accessories etc. But there were also finer shops – for example a shop selling the most beautiful flowers which I’d need to take a mortgage out to afford, a caviar and vodka shop, and boutique cafes. We then climbed the hill to the castle and old town. This was my favourite part of the city centre, Continue reading