Food in Lithuania : For the Love of Mushrooms

Food in Kaunas was as you’d expect given the inclement weather conditions; warming, filling, comfort food. With an emphasis on Mushrooms.

I was in heaven, since mushrooms are my second favourite vegetable (onions being my fave). There was a lot of cheese, mushroom, and yummy pancakes. Continue reading


Ice Skating in Kaunas, Lithuania

Our trip to Lithuania was quite spontaneous as a result of finding cheap flights. So one dark night we found ourselves landing in Kaunas in the icy cold.

Town Hall Square

In the morning we were delighted to find fresh snow and a bright day. We were all bundled up in jumpers, ski coats, several hoods, hats, gloves. This is serious winter – Kaunas is on roughly the same latitude as Moscow, which gives you an idea of how far north it is. Continue reading