Tackling Time Zones in Greenwich

There are a few things in life that I simply cannot understand. One is how to work a DVD player. One is how “Deal or No Deal” ever got commissioned for television. And one is time zones. I am always perplexed when I lose (or gain) hours (or days) when going left (or right) across timezones. But it all seems to stem from the prime meridian in Greenwich, so I thought this was a good place to go.

Prime Meridian Apparently the Prime Meridian at Greenwich is basically a big imaginary line that goes north and south around the globe, which is 0 degrees Longitude. Continue reading


He who is tired of London is tired of Life

… So said my Dad, although I don’t think he was the first one to say it – I think it was Samuel Johnson. Anyhoo, it is a fair comment. There’s a lot to do and see!

One of my favourite places in London is Southbank, by the Tate Modern. The Millennium bridge (which was a laughing stock when it was built as it was wobbly and they had to close it) is fabulous. The view of St Pauls and the towers of the City, against a brooding sky is stunning. The Tate Modern is cool (and free) but you do get searched on the way in which is a faff, especially if you’ve traveled a long way and you have a suitcase with you, which they insist on looking inside!

St Paul's Cathedral, LondonAlso along the River Thames is the London Eye. In my view this is really overpriced at £19.50 for an adult. But if you can afford it, it’s a fantastic thing to do once-in-a-lifetime. Continue reading

Disorientation 101 : London Bridge in Arizona?!

Our aim was to drive from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, which would give great access to the Grand Canyon. However, after we saw a place on the map called “London Bridge”, who wouldn’t stop?! Well, maybe someone who wanted to get to Flagstaff before midnight, but we were not that person.

London Bridge, in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, was one of the most bizarre places we’ve ever been. Obviously we’ve been to the “proper” London Bridge – the one that’s in London. Who knew that there was another real London Bridge in the middle of the desert in Arizona?

London Bridge, Arizona!Apparently London used to have a smaller London Bridge, but when cars were invented and what not, they wanted a bigger bridge, so, they, um, built one. Meanwhile, some Americans bought the old bridge, took it to America (not in one piece – I imagine it wouldn’t fit on the plane) and re-built it. Continue reading