Rockin’ it Gangnam Style

Did you know that “Gangnam Style” (the amazing catchy song by Psy) was based on Gangnam, the area south of the river in Seoul, South Korea?  When I heard this, I knew we had to go while we were in Seoul.

There is a permanent tribute to Psy’s Gangnam Style in the form of a stage where you can go and show off your moves in the middle of the city!  We also explored the bustling and brightly lit back streets, full of cafes, restaurants and shops all vying for attention in bright neon. Continue reading


My Best Nights Out Around The World

Is it time to admit that one of my fave things to do is to stay at home watching Real Housewives in my Pyjamas eating chocolate (don’t tell my Mum!). But occasionally I like to let my hair down. A good night out entails pure fun!

Honky Tonks, Nashville, USA

I think this was my absolute favourite night out. We got there early to bag a seat, and enjoyed a burger and drinks while the band came on. The band was incredible and we enjoyed an evening of amazing toe-tapping music. Continue reading

Honky Tonking in Nashville

My favourite thing about Nashville by far was the Honky Tonks. I was simply mesmerised by the talent and the music. We arrived early to get a seat, and had a burger and several drinks, staying there all evening.

Roberts Western WorldTo be fair to the other Honky Tonks, we only spent any real time in one – Roberts Western World. We popped our heads into others and they looked good, but Roberts was simply amazing Continue reading

Mallards and Music in Memphis

We were fascinated to attend one of Memphis’ interesting attractions. Ducks!  In a Fountain! This sounded rather intriguing so we went along to find out more.

Peabody DucksThe Peabody Hotel is a grand old hotel in downtown Memphis and it has some unusual guests… 5 ducks live in a little duck house on the penthouse floor – at 11am they come down the elevator with their chaperone, and plop into the fountain in the hotel lobby Continue reading

Rejoicing in a Gospel Church in Memphis

When we first started to plan our travels years ago, we made a list of the things we wanted to see. The list included Graceland, home of Elvis Presley, as well as a Gospel Church, and a Mississippi Paddle Steamer. For one reason or another, we had to edit this list and we never ended up seeing these things. So luckily, years later, we had the opportunity to visit Memphis, USA.

Al Greens Gospel ChurchOur first morning in Memphis was crisp and sunny. We headed straight to Al Green’s gospel church. Al Green is a soul singer from the 1970s. Today he runs a beautiful church in suburban Memphis. Continue reading

All you need is Liverpool (do do do do dooo)

When I was a kid the weather forecast used to be presented by a man who stood on a large floating model of the British Isles. The best bit was when he leapt from Ireland to Wales as everyone waited with baited breath to see if he would fall in the water. The model of Britain was actually in Liverpool, floating in the Albert Docks.

Albert Docks, LiverpoolThe docks are still much as they were in those days, but the map of Britain is no more 😦 The Albert Docks have also benefited from the arrival of a branch of Tate Modern.

Continue reading