Seeing The Slug in Newcastle

I had never been to Newcastle before. The only thing I really knew about it was that girls wear next to nothing in mid winter when out clubbing. That’s really the case throughout the UK, but it’s more poignant in Newcastle due to the inclement temperatures. That is probably an awful stereotype, but it’s truly the only thing I knew about the place! I’m happy to say now that I have a much more well-rounded view of Newcastle.

We were invited up by friends who have moved up there, and they showed us round the town. After parking the car in a car park that could double as a helter skelter (I felt sick by the time we reached the top!) we headed straight for the River Tyne. We were met by a Giant Slug!

The Sage, NewcastleI love this building! It looks like something out of a Sci Fi film. It was designed by Norman Foster, the same person who designed the Gherkin in London. It is actually called The Sage (not the slug!) and is a concert hall. It overlooks the River Tyne, Continue reading