The Travel Photos that I’m Most Proud Of

My photos are mixed – there are some floor shots, while i’m working out how to use a camera, and some in the dark while I haven’t managed to put flash on.  But sometimes the stars align and my photos come out well and I’m proud of them! So here is a showcase of some of the photos I like best (this is subjective – you might think they’re rubbish! 🙂 )

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Train to Glacier Heaven

For my birthday we decided to go on the hunt for Glaciers. After recently failing to see the Aletsch Glacier, we were disappointed to find that the train we had wanted to take (the so called “Matterhorn Glacier paradise”) was also closed! No paradise for us!


Luckily the Gornergrat Railway came to our rescue!  For the small fee of 86 CHF each (around £56) they will take you on a short train ride to the top of Gornergrat.  (And yes I am being sarcastic, this is clearly unacceptably expensive). Continue reading

Climbing over Bettmersee to See Better

After getting to Fiesch and realising the cable car was shut, we hastily took a train and cable car to a nearby village, and found a gem of a village and absolute beauty to follow.

Bettmersee 1

Our hike started in the cute village of Bettmeralp which boasts a car-free environment and stunning views over snowcapped mountains. Continue reading

Monument Valley : Are we there yet?!

Before we went on this trip, my BF’s boss was asking me about our plans. “Will you see Monument Valley at dawn?” he asked. “Oh yes” I said confidently “we surely will!”.  Did we? Hell no! Reality intervened – we struggle to get up for check-out, let alone dawn. Humph. However we did get there, which is the main thing, right?!

On the road going into Monument Valley we passed a few large natural sculptures of red rock. We kept stopping the car for photos; the conversation reflecting our natural intelligence…

“So is this Monument Valley or just some rocks?”

” I dunno. We better take a photo just in case”.

Red rock sculpturesWe needn’t have worried – we knew Monument Valley when we saw it. Continue reading