Sacred Valley : Ageing 20 years at the spring of eternal youth?!

As we were staying in Cusco for a few days to acclimatise, we decided to go on some of the tours around the town. We wouldn’t normally go for tourist tours, but they seemed good value, and meant we didn’t need to worry about how to get around.

One day we got a “city tour” which took us to Sacsayhuaman, which is a large zig-zag wall with views of Cusco. The guide explained the history of it – from the air, Cusco is set out in the shape of a Puma, and Sacsayhuaman is its fringe. I’m afraid that’s as informative as it gets – information normally goes in one ear and out the other! The guide then said, “you have 30 minutes – look around, take photos, or cry internally”. This made me laugh (externally) 🙂

We enjoyed the scenery and saw some Llamas, and various people in traditional dress.

The tour also took us to Q’enqo (a labyrinth) and Tambomachay (a spring that makes you eternally young). Continue reading