Food In Singapore (and how I got stabbed in the mouth)

Eating in Singapore was easy. There was a plethora of choice so we were able to find a good variety, while not getting ill or going crazy with spice levels etc.

That said, it was not without its challenges. The plan was to get something fairly bland on the first night to ease ourselves (and our tummys) into the new culture. We ended up with a “hot pot” which was probably the most spicy thing on earth. Continue reading


Dropping my shoe off a Chairlift in Sentosa

Sentosa is a small island just south of Singapore, known for its theme parks and beaches. We visited for a day trip whilst in Singapore.

Sunset, Sentosa

We had the best time on the luge there. You get a chairlift up the mountain and ride a small luge race car thing down. It was really fun – fast enough to be exhilarating but not so fast that you thought you were going to die! In fact, far from being the “Grandma” of the race track, as my BF would taunt me Continue reading

Sundowner at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

We made our way on foot along New Bridge Road to Clarke Quay and then Boat Quay. Both of these are areas of restaurants and bars, which would no doubt be more lively in the evening. Clarke Quay was fairly modern with more clubs and bars, and Boat Quay was more atmospheric.

We walked up to the CBD and popped into the posh Fullerton Hotel, which was done up all nicely for Christmas. Across the road is the “Merlion” which is a lion / mermaid and is the symbol for Singapore. It also gives ample opportunities for being immature by standing in front of it pretending the water is going into your mouth 🙂


After so much walking we gave up and got the MRT to the swanky Marina Bay Sands hotel. This looks like a boat on top of 3 skyscrapers, and my BF wanted to go onto the roof. Continue reading

Colourful Chinatown and Little India, Singapore

The flight to Singapore was a particularly long one. I was cold and couldn’t sleep upright in my seat so I spent a while watching the little plane on the monitor making its way over Baghlan and Kunduz in Afghanistan. It was dark so I couldn’t see anything outside the window. I was really glad to finally arrive in Singapore!


After a good sleep we awoke early and made a beeline for Chinatown and spent a couple of happy hours browsing for nick-nacks in the shops and admiring the temples. Continue reading