Got Seoul? Memorable Moments in Myeongdong

I was pleased to move back North of the River to Myeongdong. This is known as the centre of Seoul and is popular with locals and tourists alike, with buzzing pedestrianised streets, shops, cafes and restaurants all adorned with neon signs.

In an effort to reduce pollution Seoul has transformed one of the overpasses (which used to be choked with traffic) into a pedestrianised walkway filled with flowerbeds, and even a paddling pool, a trampoline and a piano! It was like an urban park for strolling or sitting. We strolled over one evening and I tried out my camera settings photographing the rather grand Seoul Station. Continue reading


Best and Worst of Beijing

As Charles Dickens said, “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times”. I don’t think he was talking about a trip to Beijing at the time, but if the glove fits…

The Best


We had some lovely meals in China. Provided we chose wisely, food was inexpensive and delicious. (See my blog on Food in Beijing).

Shopping street, Beijing


China has the usual high street shops, but also a plethora of markets: from the designer market selling designer knock-offs to the pearl market where you can buy real pearls relatively cheaply. Continue reading