Dropping my shoe off a Chairlift in Sentosa

Sentosa is a small island just south of Singapore, known for its theme parks and beaches. We visited for a day trip whilst in Singapore.

Sunset, Sentosa

We had the best time on the luge there. You get a chairlift up the mountain and ride a small luge race car thing down. It was really fun – fast enough to be exhilarating but not so fast that you thought you were going to die! In fact, far from being the “Grandma” of the race track, as my BF would taunt me Continue reading


How to have a Theme Park Holiday when you Hate Theme Parks

Considering how I’m always saying I’m not a theme park fan, I have spent a surprisingly large amount of time in Orlando going to, um, theme parks.  In Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson says of James May “He’s the only man whose been to the North Pole who didn’t want to be there”.  This is basically me at Disneyworld.Magic KingdomI feel the pain of everyone who is dragged along to theme parks against their will – be it parents who accompany theme-park-mad-kids, long-suffering partners of theme-park-nuts, or the grandma sitting with the bags and coats. How do you have a good day in these circumstances? Continue reading

Epcot : The Sequel

As the titles suggests, this was our second time visiting Epcot.  We really enjoyed it last time as it suited both of us, with a firework show in the evening, so this was a natural choice for my BF’s birthday in Orlando.

EpcotThe aim for this time was to spend more time in the world showcase, as we rushed that last time, as well as revisiting our fave rides – Test Track, and Soarin’. Continue reading

Becoming a “Minion” at Universal Studios!

The idea behind Universal Studios is that it is a film studio, so there is a mock-up of Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, and an area themed like New York streets. Once again I was slightly sceptical about another Theme Park. But, I’m glad to report I actually enjoyed Universal Studios!

LA, Universal StudiosWe wandered through “LA”, and into a rather bizarre Simpsons Land. This was a bit contrived (as one might expect, being as it is a cartoon!), but if you want drink Duff Beer in Moe’s Bar Continue reading

My First Water Park : Wet n Wild, Orlando

Wet n Wild is a big waterpark on International Drive, Orlando, and has the pleasure of being My First Waterpark! The first thing to say about Wet n Wild is that it is mercifully not themed, so came as a refreshing change to me. Finally I could go down a slide without pretending to be Harry Potter or one of the Simpsons.

Wet n WildBefore we went I was terrified of the covered slides, or tubes, as I thought my bum would get stuck in them and I’d be wedged in. But I’m pleased to report that they are bigger than they look! In fact I preferred the covered slides Continue reading

Outwitted by a Kids Ride at Universal Islands of Adventure

So back to Florida – the wonderful sunshine state!  My boyfriend was enterprising enough to find cheap tickets online. Well, not exactly “cheap” – lets say slightly less expensive than usual. So to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure we went!

Toon LagoonMy beloved BF chose to start the day with the Water Rides. If I didn’t appreciate getting splashed in the “Jurassic Park River Adventure” ride, then I certainly was displeased to get soaked on the “Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls” ride. I also almost snapped my legs on this ride Continue reading