Four Seasons in One Day on the Flam Railway

When we arrived in Flam the next morning, it was raining and a low cloud hung over the village.  It was a spitting image for the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand.

After breakfast we headed straight for the railway station. The Flam Railway is the steepest train in Europe, taking you from sea level to Mountain Peak (almost 900 metres above sea level) in about 40 minutes. It is lauded as being one of the most scenic train rides in the world. Continue reading


One Sunny Saturday in Bern

Our visit to Bern, Switzerland was a flying one. We were going on the train from Zermatt to Zurich, so we decided to stop in Bern for about 4 hours, with assurances from friends that we would be able to cover most of the centre in that time.

Bern 4

Bern is actually the capital of Switzerland (although it feels smaller than both Geneva and Zurich) so we were fascinated to get a small taste of this town. As we were stopping off on our train journey, we had our luggage with us and it was a hot day… but we have fabulous backpacks which are quite comfortable so it wasn’t too bad. We made our way down the main street from the train station to the river. Continue reading

Bullet-Training across Japan

We were excited to ride the famous bullet train. First impressions were that it looked hi-tec and almost other-worldly. Secondly, I loved the way that there were numbers marked on the platform to indicate where each carriage would stop. Then you queue up at your designated number and get on the train – no hassle. Although it’s a small thing, it impressed me. I am used to trains when you have no idea which carriage will be where until the train pulls in – cue inevitable mass stampede from one end of the platform to the other!

The trains were amazing inside – wood paneled floors, clean, functional. The best thing EVER about these trains was that you could flip the seats around to face the direction of travel. Continue reading