Becoming a “Minion” at Universal Studios!

The idea behind Universal Studios is that it is a film studio, so there is a mock-up of Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, and an area themed like New York streets. Once again I was slightly sceptical about another Theme Park. But, I’m glad to report I actually enjoyed Universal Studios!

LA, Universal StudiosWe wandered through “LA”, and into a rather bizarre Simpsons Land. This was a bit contrived (as one might expect, being as it is a cartoon!), but if you want drink Duff Beer in Moe’s Bar Continue reading


Outwitted by a Kids Ride at Universal Islands of Adventure

So back to Florida – the wonderful sunshine state!  My boyfriend was enterprising enough to find cheap tickets online. Well, not exactly “cheap” – lets say slightly less expensive than usual. So to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure we went!

Toon LagoonMy beloved BF chose to start the day with the Water Rides. If I didn’t appreciate getting splashed in the “Jurassic Park River Adventure” ride, then I certainly was displeased to get soaked on the “Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls” ride. I also almost snapped my legs on this ride Continue reading