Being Prudes not Nudes in Cap D’Agde

We went to Cap D’Agde for some down-time at the start of the holiday – and we got what we needed; clear seas, several marinas with still water so clear you could watch the fish darting about, and some nice food!

After an easy drive from Perpignan airport and some amusement at the sat nav calling it “Cap De A-G-D-E” (spelling out the letters instead of pronouncing it as a word!) we arrived in Cap D’Agde. It was early evening and were pleased to find a warm climate, quiet marina, and some quiet cafes and restaurants waiting for us.

The main marina has a lovely vintage carousel which my BF and I agreed was probably the nicest one we have ever seen. It had horses but also some interesting alternatives, such as a spaceship, a giraffe, and some sort of submarine which you could actually crank up and down with a handle!

Apart from the eminently stroll-able marinas, there is a long sandy beach with beautiful clear water (photo above), with shops and cafes at intervals. A lovely place to spend a day paddling and watching the sail boats come in and out of the harbour, and there are also watersports like jet skiing to be done!

On season there is also a large themepark called Luna Park, a waterpark called Aqualand, a mini-golf called Dinoland, and a Casino, so plenty to keep everyone entertained!

Cap D’Adge is normally known for nudity; there is a local nudist camp which spans a large area over half of the town. I can’t comment on this since we didn’t visit, however rest assured it is perfectly possible to have a holiday there without venturing into those areas, and everyone was fully clothed!

There are many restaurants; most seem to be general tourist restaurants or pizzerias, catering to tourists. We ate in one of these and had a pleasant meal of crepes. We also tried a lovely french restaurant where we dined well – I can’t remember what we had, I just remember being in a cloud of loveliness! We also ate on our hotel balcony having bought inexpensive bread and cheese from the supermarket. I tried Reblochon cheese for the first time and was blown away by how nice it was!

Overall, we were glad to spend a lovely few days here. When we arrived I said I could stay here for a week, but after a few days I was rested and ready to explore more widely.

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