An early morning tour of Birmingham AL

The plan was to spend the evening in Birmingham AL, but we ended up getting there in the early hours of the morning and as they say on How I Met Your Mother, “nothing good happens after 2am”. So to bed we went. But the next morning when we finally got to look around Birmingham AL, we really liked it!

Birmingham ALWhen we arrived in Birmingham AL it was a crisp fresh morning and the trees were turning a beautiful colour. It was however a ghosttown. Not a soul was awake Continue reading


Lost Baggage, Anyone?

The Unclaimed Baggage Centre in Scottsboro, Alabama was such an unusual place to stop off at!  Apparently, when luggage is left on planes, trains or automobiles, if it is not claimed, the airlines give it to the Unclaimed Baggage Centre, who sell it off at a fraction of the price.

Snowboards at Lost Baggage CentreI was excited to go and find some bargains, dreaming of emerging decked out in designer gear for the price of a Taco Bell. Continue reading