Viva Las Vegas!

One of the first things I saw when we landed at Vegas was a vending machine that sells “fresh” flowers. I have never seen this before and found it quite funny!

After we had spent some time chuckling at that, it was time to head to the hotel. We found it frustrating that we could see our hotel from the airport, and it was easy walking distance, but there were no pavements so we had to pay for a taxi.

We found Las Vegas big, brash, and cool! We enjoyed the sheer hedonism of it all, having large buffet lunches, and visiting each and every casino on the Strip. We had a craps lesson in one casino, and a poker lesson in another. We aren’t really gamblers but we did gamble about $10, and came away with $23.85! We’re EARNING on this trip!

We found the shows too expensive, but enjoyed all the free attractions like the Treasure Island show and the Belagio fountains. We picked up a “What’s On” guide when we arrived, which I would recommend as it contained all the free shows. I should point out that it wasn’t all buffet lunches, as they were expensive too, but there were also cheaper options like Panda Express which was delicious!

One of the best evenings was spent at “Dueling Pianos”, where the pianists play requests, and the atmosphere in the bar was fantastic. The Americans seemed much less reserved than the British. Or maybe they were just drunk? 😉 Either way, it made for a fab evening!

We spent Bonfire Night lounging in a jacuzzi in the hot Nevada sun, which was luxury itself!

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