Colourful Chinatown and Little India, Singapore

The flight to Singapore was a particularly long one. I was cold and couldn’t sleep upright in my seat so I spent a while watching the little plane on the monitor making its way over Baghlan and Kunduz in Afghanistan. It was dark so I couldn’t see anything outside the window. I was really glad to finally arrive in Singapore!


After a good sleep we awoke early and made a beeline for Chinatown and spent a couple of happy hours browsing for nick-nacks in the shops and admiring the temples.

Chinatown 2

Sri Mariamman Temple

Temple, Chinatown

My BF seems to attract parties of schoolchildren doing surveys, so just like in Hong Kong, he was roped into doing a survey about Singapore. This entails my bewildered BF surrounded by a group of students asking him strangely worded questions about transport or tourism or similar – all very amusing for me! 🙂

Little India

We explored Little India on a grey rainy day, but the bright colours brightened it up!

There were lots of gold shops and places to get henna. We took off our shoes and went into a temple during a ceremony which was interesting.

Temple ceremony

After Little India my BF wanted to buy a selfie-stick. Cue much wandering around electronics malls looking for a suitable version of said item. Eventually he left me sitting in a cafe so I wouldn’t have to drag around after him. He then promptly forgot where he’d left me and couldn’t find his way back. I had no idea so I was sitting waiting for ages and not best pleased when I saw him again!! Grrr!! The end to that story is that the selfie stick has now broken so it was all in vain. Fabulous.

Raffles Hotel

We dropped in to Raffles Hotel, the home of the famous drink the Singapore Sling. One of those drinks will set you back S$28 plus tax, plus tip. It would have been good to try one but we just couldn’t justify that on one drink. However the hotel itself was a beautiful white washed colonial building.Raffles hotel

Singapore is a former British colony and you could feel the English influence, in the organisation of the city and the street names – including several places in Devon, England – for example Exeter Road etc.

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