How it all began…

I was a mere slip of a girl. Well, maybe not, but I had finished my degree and decided that it would be “cool” to travel the world a bit. I can’t recall much about my motivations at that time, but everyone was doing it, and I’d always wanted to see the Machu Picchu. So I figured that it was a good idea to do it before I got a “proper” job.

I roped in my boyfriend and off we went to STA Travel where a lady was helpful in discussing our options. We went back to STA many times that summer and read up on the guidebooks. We eventually came away with an “RTW” ticket – aka. “Round The World”. We have since realised that it is possible to do this cheaper, but I shall explain that in good time…

We researched the best times to go, spent a summer getting together our kit together, and later that year found ourselves at Heathrow with said boyfriend’s parents, being bought Cafe Neros like there was no tomorrow.   Destination – America!


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