New York, New York!

This was my first time in New York but it felt so familiar, probably due to my proficiency in watching Friends and SATC. We stayed in a hostel not far from Times Square, and I just thought it was wonderful! It was so unlike anything I’d seen before, with the neon lighting and the Naked Cowboy!

The next morning dawned bright and sunny and we decided to make the most of it by walking the length of Manhattan. We soon found that it was a tad further than it looked on the map! However we made it and it was a great way to see all parts of the city.

Wall StreetWe wandered south to Ground Zero and then caught the Staten Island Ferry (which, wonderfully, was free!) to see the cityscape and the statue of liberty. We walked back along Wall Street before finally submitting to exhaustion and shelling out the $2 for the subway!

Later that evening we ended up in a slightly seedy-looking MacDonalds. We went upstairs laden with our trays and it was quiet apart from a few youths. I wondered if it was safe for us to be there. Then we rounded the corner and saw about 6 policemen, all with guns, eating lunch/dinner. On second thoughts, maybe we were safe enough…!

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Have you been here? Or is it on your "Bucket List"?

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