One day in Las Vegas!

We have visited Las Vegas before (blog post here). So we’d seen everything we wanted to see. The aim of this visit was mainly some pure luxury and to see The Sign.

We had missed the infamous Las Vegas Sign on our first visit, mainly because we both forgot it was there – duh!. So after a leisurely champagne buffet brunch (What?! They don’t do brunch without champagne, so what is a girl to do?! 😉 ), we ambled down to the sign. Bizarrely, this is located in the central reservation of a duel carriageway. But that did not deter us, and we spent a while taking photos of this iconic sign. While we were there two just-married couples appeared to have their photos taken in front of it, so we all had to queue for our turn posing in front of The Sign.

The Sign, Las VegasI loved loved loved it, but there’s only so long you can spend standing on a central reservation looking at a sign, so with that important experience “ticked off” our list, we made our way back up The Strip, seeing the landmarks such as the Paris hotel, New York New York, the Bellagio, and wedding chapels. We saw the Pirates show outside Treasure Island. On reflection, we did too much – we were only there for one day and this was a re-visit for us. But it’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement and go round seeing all the sights!

New York, Las VegasParis, Las VegasWedding Chapel, Las VegasWe explored the newest hotels, however I found them fairly (dare I say it….?)  boring. They were just normal hotels and shopping malls to me. Yes they were posh. Yes they were stylish. But I don’t go to Las Vegas for that – I want the tackiness, the bright lights and vivacity of the place. So we left pretty quickly.

In the evening my boyfriend had a close encounter with a boisterous group of males.  One man approached my BF, put his face inches from my BF’s face, and shouted “BITCHES!” many times while tapping him on the shoulder with some cards for strippers. He then shouted “if you’re in the Taliban, the best thing about the girls is that because they don’t wear much they can’t be hiding bombs strapped to them so they will not blow up on you!”. He then asked if my BF liked to fight, and then ran off shouting. Ummm ok?! We put that bizarre encounter down to the wonders of alcohol.

I noticed that there were more bikini-clad podium dancers in Las Vegas than last time. These were in many of the casinos on the gambling floors, dancing on podiums – they were not there a few years ago – I’m pretty sure I woulda noticed them! One of them was wearing a dozen beaded necklaces made of shiny plastic, and she threw one to me, which was nice – I have that as a souvenir!

The Strip, Las VegasOverall, another enjoyable visit to Las Vegas. We don’t gamble, but we love it and will certainly come back again in the future if we get the chance. And PS: We didn’t get married! 😉

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